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Steam Summer Sale

Now buy our Ubisee Whole Dried Sea Cucumber(40-45), there are 5 exclusive specials. 
1, FREE shipping on all orders in Canada 
2, We offer DISCOUNT international shipping to everywhere 
3, The price was 108$ now is only 99$ 
4, One FREE see cucumber flower 12$ when you buy 3 lbs.
5, One FREE sea cucumber with butterfly cut 60$ when you buy 10 lbs

Fleshy and flexible, moist shiny, chewing chewy delicious. Arctic ginseng protein content of more than 60%, about 15% of the sea cucumber glycosaminoglycan, rich in sea cucumber saponins, vitamins and trace elements, low in fat, cholesterol-free, is an excellent choice for nourishing.

Canadian Food Safety Certification Authority

UBISEE Canada has one of the few certified HACCP and QMP authoritative reference brand Arctic seafood. The spirit and the pursuit of quality for consumers and responsible business philosophy, in North America and Southeast Asian countries have a very high reputation, the products are exported to over 20 countries around the world.

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